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CSC: Capabilities to date

David Dunlop, 25 May 2021 Hi folks. Now that some of the confirmed capabilities and systems have been disclosed thus far on the CSC Type 26 Frigates, it may be […]

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CSC: Off on the Wrong Foot?

Moderator, 21 April 2021 There was an interesting article by Alan Williams in The Hill Times on 19 April 2021. It’s called “Canadian Surface Combatants and the Statement of Requirements […]


ADM(Mat): “No plans to change” CSC course

David Dunlop, 5 April 2021 Canada’s top government military procurement official is weighing in on last month’s PBO watchdog report on the rising costs of the CSC Frigate program and […]

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CSC Personnel and Training

David Dunlop, 30 March 2021 Here is a feature article just published in the Maritime Engineering Journal (No 96, Spring 2021 issue, pages 15-18) on the CSC Project discussing the Personnel […]

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The CSC within the NSS

Mikaël Perron, 30 March 2021 The National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) aims at recapitalizing the fleets of the Coast Guard and Navy but also to rebuild and sustain our shipbuilding industry. […]


CSC-Future Fighter Intersections

Procrustes, 10 March 2021 There is a potentially intriguing policy-making dynamic developing between the CSC and the Future Fighter (FF) projects. First, the FF will cost less than the CSC […]


DND responds to PBO Report

25 February 2021 Shortly after the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) released its report on the Canadian Surface Combatant, the Department of National Defence released its response. This quick response was […]


Long-Awaited PBO Report Arrives

Timothy Choi, 25 February 2021 On 24 February 2021, the Parliamentary Budget Officer released its report on the Canadian Surface Combatant’s latest estimated costs, as well as several alternative options […]


CSC: Paper Tiger?

Procrustes, 19 February 2021 Supporters of the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) argue that Canadians, including the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), should not compare the projected CSC costs with those of […]

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We Will Always Have Your Back?

David Dunlop, 15 February 2021 It seems that the only way Canadians are receiving current and accurate information on the CSC Type 26 Frigate program Definition Phase is through the […]