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Volume 18, Number 3, 2023

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Another issue of Canadian Naval Review is now in print. The winter issue won’t make winter weather go away, but it will give you something interesting to read on snow days. 

The issue begins with an Editorial entitled “Preparing for the Future” by editor Ann Griffiths. In the editorial, Griffiths asks if the RCN is prepared for the future of conflict at sea. Our first article is the winner of the 2022 Canadian Naval Maritime Trust essay contest, hosted every year by CNR. The was won by Jacob Benjamin with “Making the Case for the Sōryū-class as a Canadian Procurement Option.” The second article in this issue is entitled “NORPLOY ’74: A Case Study in Northern Operations.” In this article authors Cate Belbin and Adam Lajeunesse look at the NORPLOY Exercise in 1974 to see what’s changed/not changed since then and what the RCN has learned about operations in the North. The third piece in this issue is an interview with CPO1 Alena Mondelli. In this interview we learn about education and training of Non-Commissioned Members in the RCN, as well as other interesting considerations that relate to the NCM team.  

We also include some very interesting commentaries in this issue -- Making Waves is particularly feisty. We have several commentaries about Canada’s glacial procurement process, and one about how to achieve a more affordable and balanced RCN fleet. We include a quick look at the Auditor General’s 2022 report “Arctic Waters Surveillance,” and a discussion of the implications for Canadian security of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. We also have a brief examination of Canada’s new Indo-Pacific strategy. And Dave Perry unravels the tangled knot of NORAD modernization funding. This is just a taste of the material in the winter issue. 

And, of course, there are the amazing photos! See the Table of Contents below.

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Table of Contents

  • Making waves
    • Addressing the Naval Procurement Problem - by Hugh Segal
    • Achieving a More Balanced and Affordable Fleet - by Roger Cyr
    • Moving Canadian Defence Procurement to a ‘Wartime Footing’? - by Dan Middlemiss
    • Arctic Waters Surveillance: Auditor General Report 2022 - by Bill E. Featherstone
    • In Praise of the LSI(A) - by Major (Ret’d) Les Mader
    • Putin’s War: Implications for Canadian Security - by Peter T. Haydon
    • Response to “Reserve Military Forces Should be Under Provincial Jurisdiction” - by Colonel (Ret’d) Brian K. Wentzell

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