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Canadian Naval Review Vol. 16, No. 3 (2021) – Preview

We start the year 2021 both discouraged and hopeful. COVID-19 is not finished with us yet but vaccines are starting to be administered across Canada. In the midst of all this uncertainty and upset, we carry on. And so I’m happy to announce that the Winter issue is coming soon.

In the Winter issue we have four extremely interesting articles. We start with the winner of the 2020 CNMT essay competition, “Canada and the Fourth Battle of the Atlantic,” in which Commander Peter Sproule discusses the opportunity for Canada return to its focus on anti-submarine warfare, and perhaps even lead NATO’s efforts in this. Our second article looks at the little known, and little appreciated, contribution of the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service in the Second World War. As Sub-Lieutenant Lisa Tubb points out, the women in the WRCNS took on important roles and helped the war effort in many aspects, and this contribution should not be forgotten. In the next article, we hear about the dumping of chemical weapons into the ocean after WWII – not the finest hour of navies across the world but a widespread practice at the time. Despite assurances that the disposal process was well-run and effectively conducted, in this article author Alex Souchen relates the fiasco of the scuttling of LST 209 in 1946. The final article by Captain Donald Gibson discusses the important role of ice navigators onboard commercial ships transiting Canadian waters in the Arctic Ocean.

And if this isn’t enough, we have commentaries of many shapes and sizes. We continue the conversation about the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) and the costs of the Joint Support Ships and Canadian Surface Combatants. We discuss fire safety onboard ships, the Canada-US defence relationship, human security in the Arctic, and cyber-security in the Arctic. In other words, the issue is full of amazing material – illustrated with beautiful photos.

If you don’t have a subscription yet, you should get one so you don’t miss anything.

The issue will be available soon – keep your eyes on the CNR Twitter account for details (CdnNavalReview). And see the full table of contents below.

Table of Contents - Vol. 16, No. 3 (2021)

  • Editorial: Democratic Naval Powers Should Not Look Away – by Hugh Segal
  • Winner of the 2020 CNMT Essay Contest: Canada and the Fourth Battle of the Atlantic – by Commander Peter Sproule
  • “We Will Not March at the Back”: The Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service – by Sub-Lieutenant Lisa Tubb
  • Chemical Weapons Disposal and the Scuttling of LST 209 in 1946 – by Alex Souchen
  • Ice Navigation and Arctic Security – by Captain Donald Gibson
  • Making Waves
    • A Reply to Ian Mack – by Dan Middlemiss
    • MV Asterix versus JSS: Replacing Canada’s AORs – by Poseidon
    • Time to Embed a Fire Safety Culture – by Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter
    • The Canada-US Defence Relationship – by Emmanuel Akinbobola
    • Cyber Considerations for Maritime Operations in the Canadian Arctic – by Major Bruno Perron and Kristen Csenkey
    • The Canadian Navy and Human Security in the Arctic – by Gabriella Gricius
  • Dollars and Sense: Canada’s Surface Combatant Costs – by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Potpourri – by Doug Thomas
  • Book Reviews

Canadian Naval Review (CNR) - Vol. 16.2

CNR 16_2 cover img

In this issue we start with an Editorial that asks if it is time to rethink Canada’s concept of seapower as the world experiences a period of geopolitical readjustment. We have an interesting article that examines the question of military planning and preparedness using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example. There’s an article that uses newly declassified material to re-examine civil-military relations in Canada at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In Making Waves, we have a response to a commentary in the spring issue that questioned some elements of the NSS.

And for fans of submarines, we have an article that digs into the power requirements that Canada would need should it decide to get AIP submarines capable of traveling under ice in the Arctic.

Previous CNR issues


Volume 16, Number 1 (2020)

  • Team Canada (Ships) Sees the NSS Delivering - Vice-Admiral Art McDonald;
  • Reflections on a Decade of NSS - Ian Mack;
  • The NSS: Flawed Premises - Dan Middlemiss;
  • The NSS: A Canadian Submarine Response? - David Dunlop;
  • Dollars and Sense: The First Decade of the NSS - Dave Perry.

Volume 15, Number 3 (2020)

  • Editorial: Not for Sale: Trump, Greenland and Danish Naval Diplomacy - Tim Choi;
  • Winner of 2019 CNMT Essay Contest: On the Rise of the Materialists and the Decline of Naval Thought in the RCN - Captain (Navy) Hugues Canuel, RCN;
  • How Does the RCN Prepare to Fight in Hypersonic Missile Environments? - Matthew Beaupré;
  • Dollars and Sense: Slightly Delinquent: Canadian Defence Burden Sharing - Dave Perry.

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