CNR Submissions

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Submissions to Canadian Naval Review

General rules are as follows:

  1. Articles, opinion pieces, book reviews and letters for publication in Canadian Naval Review may be submitted via email to or mailed (with an electronic copy) to the addresses listed on our contact page.
  2. Articles are to be in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format and no longer than 3,000 words.
  3. Articles must not have been previously published elsewhere.
  4. The author is responsible for accuracy and authenticity of the material (see Important Notice below).
  5. Citations should be kept to a minimum and articles must be accompanied by a 100-120 word abstract.
  6. Opinion pieces are to be 1,000-1,500 words;
  7. Book reviews are to be 500-750 words;
  8. Intellectual copyright will remain the property of the author, however, the right to re-publish articles initially published in Canadian Naval Review remains with the Editorial Board.

Important Notice:

In submitting material to CNR, authors confirm the originality of content, the accuracy of content and the authenticity of sources. The CNR Editor, Editorial Board, Mulroney Institute of Government and St. Francis Xavier University are not responsible for the accuracy of articles and commentaries. Responsibility for the accuracy and authenticity of material published by CNR is held by the author. As well, the opinions expressed in articles and commentaries published in CNR are the opinions of the author, not the Editor, the Editorial Board or the Mulroney Institute of Government.

Submissions to the Broadsides Discussion Forum

Posts should be submitted to

Broadsides Submission Guidelines:

Submissions to the Broadsides Discussion Forum are always welcome - please review our forum guidelines before submitting posts:

  1. All authors must identify themselves in their submissions, and may provide a pen name or indicate that initials should be used if they desire to be anonymous. The forum moderator will protect the author's rights to privacy and will uphold the editorial policy. (See also: Privacy policy, terms and conditions);
  2. Contributors are encouraged to submit articles of up to 750 words. Longer commentaries of up to 2,500 words will also be considered and may be published at the discretion of the moderator. Articles of more than 2,500 words will be forwarded to the editor of Canadian Naval Review;
  3. The Forum Moderator reserves the right to edit comments for relevance as well as eliminate acronyms and jargon, in an effort to make the discussion publicly accessible. Should comments, either supportive or negative, be viewed as excessively personal or objectionable, they will not be published. CNR retains the right to publish excerpts from Broadsides in the print version of the Journal.

CNR essay

Submissions to the CNMT Essay Competition

Deadline for the 2024 Competition: 31 May 2024

The 2023 winning essay can be seen in the Winter 2024 issue of CNR.

Canadian Naval Review holds an annual essay competition. A prize of $1,000 is awarded for the best essay, provided by the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust. The winning essay will be published in CNR. (Other non-winning essays will also be considered for publication, subject to editorial review.)

Essays submitted to the contest should relate to the following topics:

  • Canadian maritime security;
  • Canadian naval policy;
  • Canadian naval issues;
  • Canadian naval operations;
  • History/historical operations of the Canadian Navy;
  • Global maritime issues (such as piracy, smuggling, fishing, environment);
  • Canadian oceans policy and issues;
  • Arctic maritime issues; and
  • Maritime transport and shipping.

If you have any questions about a particular topic, contact

Contest Guidelines and Judging

Submissions for the 2024 Competition must be received by by 31 May 2024

  • Submissions are not to exceed 3,000 words. Longer submissions will be penalized;
  • Submissions cannot have been published elsewhere; and
  • All submissions must be in electronic format and any accompanying photographs, images, or other graphics and tables must also be included as a separate file.

The essays will be assessed by a panel of judges on the basis of a number of criteria including readability, breadth, importance, accessibility and relevance. The decision of the judges is final. All authors will be notified of the judges’ decision within two months of the submission deadline.

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