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Volume 19, Number 3 (2024)*

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Volume 19, Number 2 (2023)*

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Volume 19, Number 1 (2023)

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  • Introduction to this Joint Issue - by Ann Griffiths and Ben Page
  • Australia and Canada: Maritime Nations - by Vice-Admiral Mark Hammond, Chief of Navy RAN
  • The RCN and RAN: Navigating Different Paths - by Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, Commander RCN
  • Canadian National Security/Defence and the RCN - by Ann Griffiths
  • Future Warfare in the Indo-Pacific and Its Implication for Australia - by Michael Evans
  • Climate Change and the Australian Navy - by Commander Steve Cole, RAN
  • Climate Change and Navies: A Canadian Perspective - by Rear-Admiral (Ret’d) David Morse, RCN
  • Royal Australian Navy: The Current People Challenges - by Commodore Eric Young, RAN
  • RCN Recruitment and Retention - by Richard Shimooka
  • Australia’s Submarine Capability: Enduring Characteristics, Emerging Features - by Commodore (Ret’d) Peter Scott, RAN
  • Climate Change, Naval Competition and Canadian Submarines Requirements - by Timothy Choi and Chris Spedding

Volume 18, Number 3 (2023)

(Free access and PDF downloads Vol. 1 to 19.1)

  • Editorial: Preparing for the Future - by Ann Griffiths
  • Winner of the 2022 CNMT Essay Competition: Making the Case for the Sōryū-class as a Canadian Procurement Option - by Jacob Benjamin
  • NORPLOY ’74: A Case Study in Northern Operations - by Cate Belbin and Adam Lajeunesse
  • Non-Commissioned Members and the RCN - Interview with CPO1 Alena Mondelli
  • Addressing the Naval Procurement Problem - by Hugh Segal
  • Achieving a More Balanced and Affordable Fleet - by Roger Cyr
  • Moving Canadian Defence Procurement to a ‘Wartime Footing’? - by Dan Middlemiss
  • Arctic Waters Surveillance: Auditor General Report 2022 - by Bill E. Featherstone
  • In Praise of the LSI(A) - by Major (Ret’d) Les Mader
  • Putin’s War: Implications for Canadian Security - by Peter T. Haydon
  • Response to “Reserve Military Forces Should be Under Provincial Jurisdiction” - by Colonel (Ret’d) Brian K. Wentzell
  • A View from the West: Canada’s Future in the Indo-Pacific Region - by Jocelyn Sandhu
  • Dollars and Sense: NORAD Modernization: Trudeau’s Defence Policy, Part 2 - by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Aircraft Carrier News - by Doug Thomas
  • Book Reviews

Volume 18, Number 2 (2022)

(Free access and PDF downloads Vol. 1 to 18.3)

  • Editorial: The Arctic is Back - by Andrea Charron
  • HMCS Harry DeWolf Transits the Arctic - by Commander Corey Gleason
  • A Tale of Two Ships: HMCS Labrador and HMCS Harry DeWolf - by Roger Litwiller
  • The Arctic Council and Oil Pollution Prevention in the Arctic Ocean - by Jeff G. Gilmour
  • Inuit and the Northwest Passage: A Relationship Built on Balance - by Natan Obed
  • Serving in the Arctic with the Canadian Coast Guard - by Captain Simon Dockerill
  • Are the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships Valuable Fleet Assets? - by Roger Cyr
  • A Landing Platform Arctic Ship: Turning the LSI(A) Back to the LPA - by José Cañadas Mendez
  • Hovercraft for the Royal Canadian Navy - by Major (Ret’d) Les Mader
  • Norway’s Arctic Policy: High North, Low Tension? - by Andreas Østhagen
  • Dollars and Sense: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is a Sign We Should get Serious about Arctic Defence - by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: The Russians - by Doug Thomas
  • Book Reviews
  • Editorial: Looking Backward and Looking Forward - by Ann Griffiths
  • Winner of the 2021 CNMT Essay Competition: Winning the Narrative Battle on the High Seas: A Warning for the RCN - by Christopher Verklan
  • Now is the Time for a New Canadian Defence Policy - by Jeff G. Gilmour
  • Illumination for Concealment at Sea - by Marcus Mau
  • Future RCN Structure: A Modest Proposal - by Major (Ret'd) Les Mader
  • Capability Considerations for Canada's Next Submarine - by James Brun
  • Reserve Military Forces Should be Under Provincial Jurisdiction - by Roger Cyr
  • COP26, Arctic Climate Change and the RCN - by Bill Featherstone
  • Royal Canadian Navy: On Track to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions - by Lieutenant-Commander Linda Hodgkins
  • A View from the West: Europe's Navies in the Indo-Pacific Region - by Brett Witthoeft
  • Dollars and Sense: Defence and Economic Recovery - by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Expeditionary Sea Basing - by Doug Thomas
  • Book Reviews
  • Editorial: Training in the Spotlight - by Ann Griffiths
  • Suez Canal Blockage - by Heinz Gohlish and Michael Moon
  • NORAD’s Maritime Warning Role: Origins and Future - by Andrea Charron and James Fergusson
  • Towards Multilateral Arrangements Regarding Incidents at Sea in Europe - by David F. Winkler
  • Why Canada Needs Submarines - by James Brun
  • Exploring the Impact of Loitering Munitions in the Maritime Environment - by Christopher Verklan
  • The Ongoing Delays of Building a New Heavy Icebreaker - by Jeff G. Gilmour
  • It is Time for a Maritime Tactical Helicopter Squadron - by Major (Ret’d) Les Mader
  • Canada’s Northern Bridge to Iceland - by Steven Bright
  • Global Naval Forces are Key to the World’s Future - by Mikael Perron
  • Impacts of the Arctic Fisheries Agreement on the Canadian Coast Guard - by Nicole Covey
  • Dollars and Sense: Canadian Patrol Submarines: Complementing or Competing with Continental Defence? - by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Expeditionary Sea Basing - by Doug Thomas
  • Book Reviews
  • EditorialOne More Time: Sexual Misconduct in the CAF - by Ann Griffiths
  • The Science of Vague Assumptions: The Sea Mine and Its Future - by Lieutenant (N) Sebastian Harper
  • Modernizing Anti-Submarine Warfare: A Systematic Journey - by Commander Chris M. Devita
  • Artificial Intelligence: How Can the RCN Benefit in the Near Term? - by Megan Martins Da Ponte
  • Canada-US Defence Relations and the CSC: A Ship Too Far? - by Dan Middlemiss and Denis Stairs
  • In Response to Middlemiss-Stairs Article - by Hugh Segal
  • Comments on “A Ship too Far?” - by Poseidon
  • Long-Term Operations and Sustainment Costs for the CSC - by Mikaël Perron
  • The LSI(A): An Arctic Sovereignty Protection Option? - by Major (Ret’d) Les Mader
  • A View from the West: The Quad 2.0 and Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region - by Jocelyn Sandhu
  • Dollars and Sense: Shipbuilding, Moving Forward - by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Hospital Ships - by Doug Thomas
  • Book Reviews
  • Editorial: Democratic Naval Powers Should Not Look Away – by Hugh Segal
  • Winner of the 2020 CNMT Essay Contest: Canada and the Fourth Battle of the Atlantic – by Commander Peter Sproule
  • “We Will Not March at the Back”: The Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service – by Sub-Lieutenant Lisa Tubb
  • Chemical Weapons Disposal and the Scuttling of LST 3521 in 1946 – by Alex Souchen
  • Ice Navigation and Arctic Security – by Captain Donald Gibson
  • A Reply to Ian Mack – by Dan Middlemiss
  • MV Asterix versus JSS: Replacing Canada’s AORs – by Poseidon
  • Time to Embed a Fire Safety Culture – by Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter
  • The Canada-US Defence Relationship – by Emmanuel Akinbobola
  • Cyber Considerations for Maritime Operations in the Canadian Arctic – by Major Bruno Perron and Kristen Csenkey
  • The Canadian Navy and Human Security in the Arctic – by Gabriella Gricius
  • Dollars and Sense: Canada’s Surface Combatant Costs – by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Potpourri – by Doug Thomas
  • Book Reviews

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