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Thank you for your support for Canadian Naval Review (CNR) and education in naval and maritime affairs across Canada. Subscribing to CNR enables participation in a forum for discussion and debate of all aspects of maritime security and naval policy. As a subscriber, you will receive one or two years of access to CNR exclusive materials, commentaries, online archives and PDF downloads, available as they are published.

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For institutional / library / corporate bulk subscription requests, please send an email to Add electronic access to CNR website materials to your Print subscription. Combined Print and Electronic subscriptions for individual subscribers in Canada, 1 or 2 years (conditions apply). For subscribers outside Canada, please contact CNR at for pricing.

We're happy to offer electronic payment through PayPal™ to process your subscription orders quickly and securely. Also a printable PDF subscription form is available here.

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Subscription for individuals*1 year2 years
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Subscribers outside Canada and the USA$89$166
Combined Electronic and Print for subscribers in Canada$78$143
* All prices are in CAD and include taxes and postage where applicable.

Back issues of CNR

Back issues of the Canadian Naval Review are also available for $15.00 per copy in Canada and $17.20 in the US, outside North American it is $22.35. For information and ordering on gift subscriptions or back issues, please contact us.

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