Seaspan Polar Class 2 Heavy Icebreaker and Hanwha Ocean Submarine Team-ups

By David Dunlop, 4 June 2024

At CANSEC 2024 SeaSpan Shipyard presented its cutting edge design for Canada’s New Polar Class 2 Heavy Ice Breaker project. Also, in another development, South Korea's Hanwha Ocean has teamed up with Canadian firm CAE Inc. and signed Memorandums of Understanding with Canadian firms Gastops and Curtiss-Wright Indal Technologies with regard to collaborating on the Canadian Patrol Submarine Project (CPSP). It is interesting to note that CAE is already working with Lockheed Martin on the CSC Type 26 Frigate Design. This in no way means that these companies will have the 'edge' with CPSP which is now in the definition phase to acquire the replacements for the submarine replacing the Victoria class submarines. The ROK KSS III submarine is only one of many options that Canada is now considering.


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