The 1982 Anglo-Argentine Falklands War

By Les Mader, 8 April 2024

It is my personal belief that the 1982 Anglo-Argentine Falklands War was largest and bloodiest naval campaign fought since World War II.  Clearly, there have been campaigns since then that have involved larger navies and which have occurred over a longer duration.  However, these have been fairly one-sided affairs – such as Korean War, Vietnam War, First Gulf War, Second Gulf War, and Global War On Terror – where one side had complete naval and air superiority and deployed larger (mainly American) forces off the coast of an adversary who could not seriously attack them.  At the other extreme there have been several naval skirmishes – such as off the coast of Syria in 1973 – which involved small forces and were costly (in relative terms) but of very short duration.

Compared to these two extremes, the Falklands War was a see-saw, multi-month conflict which saw significant losses on both sides.  These included (for the two adversaries combined): one light cruiser; one conventional submarine; two guided-missile destroyers; two frigates; one landing ship logistic; one large container ship; numerous landing craft and small vessels; at least 40 jet fighter aircraft; two bombers; numerous other aircraft and helicopters; as well as numerous other ships and aircraft damaged.

The attached two videos discuss the war from start to finish in a well presented, knowledgeable manner that will provide new or better-analyzed information even to those who have a good understanding of what occurred during its 74 days.

These videos are brought to the attention of the Forum for its information.

Part 1 – Air-Sea Battle in the South Atlantic - A Military History of the Falklands War Part 1: Air-Sea Battle in the South Atlantic (

Part 2 – From San Carlos to Stanley - A Military History of the Falklands War Part 2: From San Carlos to Stanley (


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