Davie Shipbuilding Gets First NSS Contract

By Dr. Ann Griffiths, 2 Apr 2024

The original decision to go with two shipyards for the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) was
revised in 2019 when the Canadian government reopened the program to new participants. The
new tender sought yards qualified for icebreaker construction – and Chanter Davie was selected.
And now, after trying for years to get in on the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) to
recapitalize the fleets of the RCN and Coast Guard, Davie Shipbuilding has secured its first NSS
contract. The contract allows Davie to set up project management and design offices for the
Program Icebreaker, build its team and begin talks with subcontractors. While we still wait for
details, the deal’s initial C$8.5 billion phase includes six icebreakers and one polar icebreaker for
the Canadian Coast Guard, plus two hybrid ferries. Whatever the reasons behind the decision –
i.e., whether a flailing government wants to build political support in Quebec or a genuine desire
to get desperately needed ships built – hopefully the result will be ships that are built quickly
and, dare we hope, within(ish) budget.


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