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Potentially a substantial delay for the CSC Frigate Program….again

By David Dunlop, 4 June 2022

The president of Irving shipyard, Kevin Mooney, says it is on schedule to cut steel for the future CSC Frigate project in two years. However, it needs more funds from Ottawa to upgrade portions of the shipyard to handle the capability and capacity of the frigate program by mid 2024. In the article linked here, he indicated that Irving needs hard funding from Ottawa by the end of 2022. "The clock is ticking, there absolutely a clock ticking. It is critical, absolutely critical that we get this result as soon as possible" he indicated. Mooney did not say how much money Irving is looking for to upgrade the yard, but it is probably substantial. This could be a big setback for the CSC project if the upgrades are not completed on time and could affect more delays to the troubled project. See the report below by Lee Berthiaume in The Toronto Star:


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