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MON Op Horizon 2024

HMCS Montreal on Op Horizon 2024

RCN Public Affairs, 05 May 2024. On April 15, His Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Montréal, along with its CH-148 Cyclone helicopter, set sail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, beginning a six-month deployment […]

HMCS CHA at NATO ex 2024

HMCS Charlottetown returns from NATO exercise

RCN Public Affairs, 29 March 2024. After 37 days at sea for Exercise Steadfast Defender, His Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Charlottetown returned home March 13. Since departing their homeport of Halifax […]


Navy No Show in Red Sea

By Chris W.J. Roberts, 15 February 2024 The Red Sea shipping crisis has shredded assumptions about the ability of international law, economic interdependence and coordinated seapower to keep vital sea […]

HMCS MON Sept 2023

HMCS Montreal returns from 6 month deployment

RCN Public Affairs, 11 October 2023. On October 3rd HMCS Montréal became the first Halifax-class frigate from the Canadian Fleet Atlantic to complete a deployment on Op Projection Indo-Pacific. While deployed the ship […]

Cutlass Fury 2023

Exercise CUTLASS FURY 2023

Dr. Ann Griffiths, 10 September 2023 Halifax enjoyed the first International Fleet Week this past weekend. The good weather – and the presence of a few cruise ships – brought […]


RCN ships depart for RIMPAC 2022

RCN Public Affairs, 12 July 2022 On June 14, 2022, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Vancouver and Winnipeg, and their CH-148 Cyclone helicopter air detachments, departed Esquimalt, B.C., to participate in Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) […]


Taking Care of the Home Front

By Roger Cyr, OMM, CD, 12 July 2022 In 2021, Canada was plagued with major natural disasters. The COVID pandemic continued, and there was a deadly heat wave, the worst […]