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China in the Arctic

By Jeff G. Gilmour, 10 February 2024 A recent article by Robert Fife and Steven Chase – “China gains major Arctic foothold as Russia turns to Beijing more, report finds” […]

Biological warfare

Navies and Biological Agents

Joe Varner, 03 April 2020. Chinese strategists have dreamed of an asymmetric method to disable the US aircraft carrier for decades.[1] Now they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams but […]


National Security and Pandemics

Moderator, 02 April 2020. What is the connection, if any, between national security and pandemics? If asked even a few months ago, we probably wouldn’t have put pandemics at the […]

Indian sub

The Forgotten Asian Power

In our fascination with China and its growing global power and influence, we tend to forget about the other Asian giant – India. It’s the dominant power in South Asia […]


Seismic Geopolitical Shifts in the World

Whether this can be blamed on the Trump administration is an open question, but the geopolitical pattern is definitely changing this year. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have both announced that […]

Intercon world post

The Interconnected World

Who cares about the fight between Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Why should we care about what seems like a small difference of opinion among former friends? Well, there are a […]


Navies Adapt to Information Warfare

Military forces increasingly rely on networked information to function effectively. Now we talk about information warfare. This means taking both defensive actions to protect your information and the systems that […]


Statement on Omar Khadr

Omar Khadr is free at last on bail. The treatment of Omar Khadr as a terrorist and not as a child soldier was wrong. Despite the efforts of many concerned […]