Will Defence Become a Higher Priority?

Moderator, 4 March 2022

There have been a number of recent articles discussing what Canada could contribute to assist Ukraine and to the defence of the West in general. The government has made announcements that Canada will help Ukraine. But is Canada able to contribute? As a sample of how analysts reply to this question, see an article by CNR Editorial Board member Hugh Segal, published by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, which notes that Canada is far down the list in terms of military capabilities among NATO allies. The budget is smaller per capita, the number of military personnel is smaller and, as Segal says, Canada is in the category of ‘big hat, no cattle.’ Read the article, “Canada’s Capacity to Engage: Tough Questions to Ask and Hard Answers to Address” at https://www.cgai.ca/canadas_capacity_to_engage_tough_questions_to_ask_and_hard_answers_to_address


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