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Can Ukraine win Putin’s war?

By David Dunlop, 19 July 2022 Here is an interesting read from The New Statesman U.K edition written by Lawrence Freedman. In it he describes both sides of the conflict […]


Gums and Butter – Way Before Defence

By Procrustes, 30 March 2022 The recently consummated ‘supply-and-confidence’ agreement in Ottawa has now placed any chance of significantly increased defence spending on hold for another three years. The NDP […]

HMCS Halifax


By Dan Middlemiss, 7 March 2022 From the pervasive silence in this Forum about the Russian attack on the people and state of Ukraine, I wonder how many, like myself, […]


Arctic Council Pulls Back from Russia

By David Dunlop, 4 March 2022 The Arctic Council has been heralded as a body that emphasized cooperation in the Arctic. However, Canada, along with six other Arctic member countries […]

Ukr navy ship

Ukraine Works to Rebuild its Navy

9 November 2016. We may think that Canada has it tough in terms of defence procurement and naval capability, but imagine if two-thirds of the Canadian fleet was lost when […]


How much is safe transit worth?

An article in Stars and Stripes provides some insights into the fees being charged by private security contractors now offering escort boats and onboard armed parties to ward off pirate […]