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The Forgotten Asian Power

In our fascination with China and its growing global power and influence, we tend to forget about the other Asian giant – India. It’s the dominant power in South Asia and a country with nuclear weapons, a vast population and a potentially vast economy if it could get itself organized. It’s also a strategic rival to Pakistan and China. Conflict with China recently deteriorated into military forces throwing rocks at each other along the edges of a disputed area, which I guess is better than shooting each other but which nonetheless makes life interesting. What are India’s goals in the maritime arena, and will they clash with China’s? It seems likely that China is concerned about the trade that must pass through the Indian Ocean, and the potential for the Indian Navy to disrupt it.

The Center for International Maritime Security recently published a very interesting paper on this topic by Periklis Stampoulis called “The Indian Navy’s Master Defense Plan,” available at


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