Chinese Military Growth

Military power is a difficult subject, especially when it comes to discussing the potential power of other countries. China has made news over the past few years for their rapidly expanding military force, and has compiled a shocking list of facts regarding the Chinese military, and created a surprising infographic. It will take facts from sites like Statista and to illustrate China’s current military power, along with what the future may hold for world’s largest populace.

Over the past twenty years, it has become abundantly clear that China wants to increase their military power. Back in 1991, China spent $18.9B on their military. In 2011, China spent an astounding $129.3B.   When did this extreme jump start? Between 2005 and 2011, China has more than doubled their military spending.

This infographic also details China’s active duty military size compared to other countries. With their large population, China boasts the largest active duty military in the world. The European Union comes in second, followed by the United States. Rounding out the list is Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran. Smaller countries see a higher instance of military enlistment. Per 1,000 people, North Korea has an astounding number of active duty military members, at 45. South Ossetia comes in at 34.7 per 1,000, and Eritrea has 33.1.

China’s large populace enables them to have over 4 million active, reserve, and paramilitary members. If they were to enforce a draft of males ages 15-49, that number would jump to 375,520,000.

Potential weapon power is another factor detailed in this infographic. Currently, China has 43 frigates, 11,000 tanks, 600+ weapons, and over 34 million weapons. One class of weapons concerning people today are drones. This infographic gives information on the known types of drones, including length, range, speed, and altitude.

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