Maritime Strategy

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Why CAN needs navy

Why does Canada Need a Navy?

If you don’t live near an ocean – and most Canadians don’t – you could live your whole life without ever seeing a warship. So why, you may ask yourself, […]


Canada as a Maritime State

The majority of Canadians live far from the oceans that surround Canada. They may be guilty of what has been referred to as ‘sea-blindness.’ But whether they know it or […]


A New Look at Seapower: What is Old is New Again

14 November 2016. These two, seemingly unrelated news clips are, in fact, linked through their common concerns over an apparent return to Cold War concepts of naval strategy. The common […]


South China Sea and Korea February 2016

China has introduced long-range surface-to-air missiles to and recently landed modern fighter aircraft on Woody Island in the disputed Paracel Islands of the South China Sea provoking fears that China […]

Sub build

The Submarine Tsunami

Defense -aerospace has cited a study by the respected Forecast International group to argue that current building rates indicate that submarines will continue to exist in sizeable numbers (393) for […]


Input Costs Down, Number of Ships Up?

There has been much written about how defence inflation has eroded the budget allocated to the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS).1 As time passes, the argument goes, the NSPS budget […]


Why Canada needs to look to the seas*

*Moderator’s Note: This Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute op-ed appeared in The Globe and Mail on 13 May 2014. It is reprinted here with the permission of CDFAI. Lest we […]


Pacific Pivot

The editorial piece by Eric Lerhe in the Canadian Naval Review Vol. 9.2 [“Time for a Canadian Pacific Pivot?”] raises a real dichotomy between what is no doubt desirable and […]


Maritime Blindness*

*Editor’s Note: This is an abridged version of an article originally published in the NATO magazine, Cutting the Bow Wave 2013, which has just been released. Consumers and their governments […]