Why CAN needs navy

Why does Canada Need a Navy?

If you don’t live near an ocean – and most Canadians don’t – you could live your whole life without ever seeing a warship. So why, you may ask yourself, does Canada need a navy? There are many reasons. Navies play three general roles – diplomacy, constabulary and defence. Canada has oceans on three of four of its borders, and as a trading state, any trade that doesn’t go to our one land neighbour, must travel by the oceans. Who ensures that trade flows smoothly on the oceans? With friends and allies, the Royal Canadian Navy helps ensure that all trade, not just that destined for Canada, can move without disruption.

Navies provide the government with an extremely useful and flexible instrument of policy. In addition to conducting goodwill visits, the same ship can be tasked for disaster relief, counter-piracy/counter-narcotic/counter-terrorism operations, protection of shipping, search and rescue at sea - and, of course, fighting wars. The Royal Canadian Navy is not big, but it is asked to do big things.

For a 3-page explanation of why Canada needs a navy, see the Naval Association of Canada Briefing Note #3, “Why Canada Needs a Navy.” https://www.navalassoc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/BN3-whyneednavy-2.pdf


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