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Rus Navy Marshal Shaposhnikov 2003

Did Russia capture secret USN equipment?

CNR Fan, 17 February 2022 Russia claims that it has captured secret equipment from a US Navy Virginia-class nuclear submarine that Russia claims was operating within its territorial waters off the Pacific […]

Arleigh Burke class destroyer fires a directed energy HELIOS weapon

High Energy Lasers

David Dunlop, 13 January 2021. The USN will deploy its first High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance (HELIOS) integrated on an operational Flight IIA Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer […]

UUV echo voyager

More on US Navy Large Unmanned Robotic Systems

Dan Middlemiss, 10 January 2021 The US Congressional Research Service has released an update on the USN’s plans to accelerate the procurement of Large Unmanned Surface and Undersea Vehicles [1]. […]

Cyber report GAO-19-128

Cybersecurity in Weapon Systems

Old Sailor, 21 November 2020. In late 2018 United States (U.S.) Government Accountability Office (GAO) produced an interesting report on cybersecurity in U.S. DOD Weapon Systems. It’s relevant to the […]

USN sailors

Training and Personnel

After the publication of the Comprehensive Review of Recent Surface Force Incidents, the US Navy is beginning to implement changes. The report noted that USN sailors were deficient in the […]

USS John S McCain

Reports and Explanations for USN Collisions

As we all know, several USN ships were involved in collisions in recent months. The collision of USS Fitzgerald with MV ACX Crystal, and USS John S. McCain with MV […]

USN ship

USN Should Follow Lessons of the Private Sector

In an interesting – and undoubtedly controversial – article entitled “The ‘Navy Way’ is the Wrong Course,” Captain Paul E. Lobo, a retired Lt-Commander in the US Naval Reserve and […]

USN collision post

Doing More With Less, USN-style

The Canadian navy has been asked to do more with less at least since the 1990s – and probably since the beginning. Tasks get added while ships get retired – […]

USN budget cuts

Even USN faces budget shortfalls!

As a candidate and as President, Donald Trump promised to build a 350-ship US Navy from the current 275-ship navy. Was that ever a realistic goal? Naval leaders called for […]

USN ship

Expansion of US Navy

22 March 2017. President Donald Trump has stated that he wants to increase the size of the US military and has called for a major increase of the US Navy. […]