USS Gerald R Ford

Most expensive warship ever built is ready for action

By Kyle Mizokami, 08 April 2022.

"The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, the most expensive warship ever built, is finally ready for combat duty. The U.S. Navy quietly approved the ship for initial operations capability during the tail end of 2021, with little to no fanfare -- an unusual ending to a ship development process that saw more than a half-decade of terrible publicity. Ford will head out for its first deployment later this year, four years later than originally planned. [...] Gerald R. Ford is the first of the Ford-class aircraft carriers; the class will eventually replace existing Nimitz-class carriers."

"According to the Congressional Research Service, USS Ford ultimately cost $13.3 billion, making her one of the most expensive ships ever built. [...] It’s a bit of a mystery why the U.S. Navy was so quiet about Ford’s IOC status. Ford’s news coverage has been deservedly negative over the years, as costs grew and equipment failed to work."

Featuring photo credit: U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jackson Adkins

"USS Ford during shock trials off the coast of Florida, August 2021. The underwater explosions were meant to simulate near-misses by enemy weapons and determine the ship’s ability to withstand attack."

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