Beefing up Security in the Arctic?

By Dr. Ann Griffiths, 7 April 2022

With the brutal war in Ukraine continuing, much attention is understandably focused on Eastern Europe. But Arctic security is now also receiving a higher profile. Russia has spent the past decade beefing up its military forces in the Arctic, from bases to icebreakers. For many years, people have pointed to the Arctic Council as a body illustrating that cooperation with Russia is possible, and that the North will continue to be a zone of peace. But with the council on pause, Russia increasingly isolated, and its President apparently living in a world constructed of grievance and belligerence, will the zone of peace disappear? Will Arctic security become a higher priority? The Prime Minister has promised increased defence spending in the upcoming budget, and has met with the premiers of the three territories. He has stated that enhanced attention to NORAD and the North Warning System is in the cards. We’ll see. For a discussion of this, see Lee Berthiaume’s article, “Canada looking closely at Arctic as part of defence spending increase: Trudeau,” at Canada looking closely at Arctic as part of defence spending increase: Trudeau | The Star.

And stay tuned for the spring issue of CNR – a theme issue focused on the Arctic!  


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