Cruise ship in Arctic

Massive cruise ship brings new era of Arctic tourism to Cambridge Bay

Once deemed impossible now a reality, this cruise raises questions on the implications on Canadian sovereignty and also the implications for environmental protection. But that is not all. Many other related questions need to be addressed, such as:

(1) Is this latest version of Arctic adventure travel really a safe undertaking?

(2) Is Canada able to handle an emergency on the scale associated with this type of cruising, be it fire, flood, or a medical crisis?

(3) What is the environmental impact, ashore and afloat, of this type of tourism?

(4) Does Canada have in place an adequate safe navigation infrastructure to support this new form of vacation travel?

(5) In approving this cruise, assuming that it was approved at the government level, has the Canadian government opened a Pandora's box of Arctic issues?

All these questions need to be answered at the highest level of federal government.


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