Did Russia capture secret USN equipment?

CNR Fan, 17 February 2022

Russia claims that it has captured secret equipment from a US Navy Virginia-class nuclear submarine that Russia claims was operating within its territorial waters off the Pacific coast. A Kremlin-friendly media agency said that Russia had obtained “a sonar countermeasure device” which apparently the submarine abandoned when it left the area. The submarine left the area,  according to Moscow, at top speed as the Russian Navy chased it out of Russian waters. The United States says this is nonsense – the submarine was not in Russian waters, a USN submarine was not chased anywhere by the Russian Navy, it did not leave ‘secret equipment’ behind, and the photo that Russia provided was one that appeared on social media last October. Read about this at U.S. Navy Denies Russian Claims It Captured Secret U.S. Military Equipment (newsweek.com)


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