CSC: New Graphics? More Questions

By David Dunlop, 21 February 2024

Provided by David Dunlop

Here is a new twist with regard to the CSC Frigate Design Phase for the forum to ponder. I’ve seen new photos depicting the CSC. The photos were posted on by Ted Barnes, one of our forum contributors ( There is also a photo by ISI in the latest addition of Canadian Defence Review (CDR), VOL 30, Issue 1, in what appears to be an ad for ISI on p. 43 ( Note the absence of X-Band illumination Radar. Where did these new graphics come from? First time seen. These pics also appear on recent ISI brochures as well. Are these new official government CSC Frigate photos or are these just AI graphics from ISI for effect? Is Macdonald Dettwiler Associates (MDA) no longer involved with the Illumination Radar system fit for the CSC Frigate or will there not be an AESA Illumination Radar fitted? If not, why not? Has the RCN decided to go ‘off-shore’ for this radar? Perhaps the French AESA Sea Fire 500 Illumination Radar system)? So many questions with no answers as yet!

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Current Issue: Winter 2024 CNR issue

Volume 19, Number 3 (2024)

Another issue of Canadian Naval Review is coming soon. As you’ll see, we continue to produce ‘insightful and engaging’ material! Pour a hot beverage, settle into a comfy chair and prepare to be delighted!

The issue begins with an Editorial by John Orr which examines recent developments in the Multi-Mission Aircraft Project. Then our first article, “The RCN and African Maritime Security: Forward Security Strikes Back?” looks at little-known activities of the RCN – i.e., operations and exercises with African countries. These activities are important but, as the authors point out, they currently lack a strategic focus.

The second article, “Learning Destroyers: Harry DeWolf and HMCS Patriot, 1925-1926,” tells us about how a young Harry DeWolf learned his trade on the destroyer HMCS Patriot, after which he became one of the RCN’s most effective officers in WWII. The third article, “A Peripheral Theatre: Rethinking Conflict in the Arctic,” examines the literature on conflict in the Arctic and proposes a new framework. The author suggests that referring to the Arctic as a region of cooperation, or alternatively a place for resource competition, no longer fits the reality and proposes a theory that the potential for conflict in the North is dependent on geopolitical dynamics in Europe and the Pacific. Our final article, “Public Communication for the Halifax-class Frigates,” examines a sample of the media coverage of the Halifax-class procurement to see how it was perceived in the media, with an eye to learning lessons for the coverage of the CSC.

As usual, we have a number of thought-provoking Making Wave commentaries and columns. For example, we have a column about subsea cable security in the Indo-Pacific region, and a look at how/why the RCN eagerly awaits the Defence Policy Update.

This is just a sample of what you’ll find in the winter issue. Of course there are amazing photos to illustrate everything! We know that you will find this issue interesting. See the Table of Contents below.

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