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The Strategic Rationale for Navies

13 Dec 2016. The Strategic Rationale for Navies Amphion [For a maritime state] not maintaining an effective naval force is tantamount to surrendering its sovereignty at sea.(1) From time to […]


New Australian Submarines

A fascinating and thought-provoking article which leads one to wonder about plans to replace the Victoria-class and whether the French would ever talk to Canada again about submarine procurement. Read […]


A New Look at Seapower: What is Old is New Again

14 November 2016. These two, seemingly unrelated news clips are, in fact, linked through their common concerns over an apparent return to Cold War concepts of naval strategy. The common […]

Ukr navy ship

Ukraine Works to Rebuild its Navy

9 November 2016. We may think that Canada has it tough in terms of defence procurement and naval capability, but imagine if two-thirds of the Canadian fleet was lost when […]


North Korea turns its attention to submarines

6 October 2016. Photos taken from satellites (image unavailable) seem to indicate that North Korea is developing a huge submarine that will be capable of launching ballistic missiles.  This would […]

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Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise

The following major announcement has been released by Catherine Cook, Event Coordinator, and Executive Assistant, on behalf of Jim Hanlon and the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise: “IORE is very […]


Mexeflote for Interim AOR

12 Sept. 2016. Over the summer, Chantier Davie Shipyard invited suppliers to present disaster-relief equipment available for the ship. Refueling and resupply of warships at sea are the main roles […]