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The following major announcement has been released by Catherine Cook, Event Coordinator, and Executive Assistant, on behalf of Jim Hanlon and the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise:

"IORE is very excited to share the announcement of a joint investment of $19.7 million between the Federal Government and the Province of Nova Scotia to support COVE (the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship) In Dartmouth. This is a great day for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, the Country and for the global ocean community. COVE will help Nova Scotia make the most of its competitive advantages in the ocean sector, by facilitating regional growth that will elevate us from being 'among the world’s best' to 'best in the world'."

“COVE will be a place where leaders in ocean science and research can work with the NSCC, Dalhousie University, and industry in a collaborative space. Start-ups can be mentored, and new technologies will be developed and sold around the world.” Premier Stephen McNeil

For more information, you can view the press release here:

Also please visit COVE’s new website at

HMRI announces CEO James Hanlon

HMRI announces CEO James Hanlon

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