HMRI announces CEO James Hanlon

The following announcement was released today by the Halifax Marine Research Institute:

The Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. James L. Hanlon as its founding Chief Executive Officer.  In his new role, Mr. Hanlon will lead a consortium of academic, industry and government partners in the initiation, support, application and commercialisation of world-class research.  Under his guidance, the HMRI will address the ocean’s economic, social, technological, environmental and policy challenges at all levels from regional to national and international.

Mr. Hanlon has acquired extensive experience in both the aerospace and defence, and design and manufacturing sectors, with specialization in ocean instrumentation, oceanographic sensing, high-speed signal processing and satellite transmission.  He has previously served as President of Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems, Chief Operating Officer of Magneto Inductive Systems Ltd., Vice-President of Seimac Ltd., and Vice President Marketing & Sales with Ioteck/Titan Radar.

As Chief Executive Officer of the HMRI, Mr. Hanlon joins Dr. Douglas Wallace, HMRI’s Scientific Director, in promoting the region’s world leadership in marine and ocean science and technology.

Mr. Hanlon will ensure that the HMRI continues to build upon its strengths in marine observation, predication and response, biodiversity and risk assessment, energy solutions, marine security, and marine governance and management.

A news article by Chris Lambie, entitled “Marine Institute to unite research, business sectors,” published in the Monday edition of the Halifax Herald provides more information on the appointment.