Defence Procurement

Military procurement can help break Canada’s innovation logjam

Much of this has been said before over several decades but nobody seems to be listening. And yet another reference to the sound logic of the Australian model; maybe our new Defence Review Committee should visit that country or at least invest in some solid research on how they run […]

More Thoughts on the Canadian Surface Combatant (II) 5

The discussion in this BLOG on the NSPS has tended towards several themes. First, a belief that the Canadian Navy is proposing a fleet that is based on Cold War requirements which are no longer valid and too expensive. Second that we need to have a Fleet that includes the […]

CSC Roundup

The Canada Surface Combatant (CSC) has been garnering attention of late. For an interesting slant on the implications of CSC schedule delays for Canada’s current fleet of Halifax-class frigates, see the analysis by Stewart Webb and Chris Murray, “Canada’s hidden plan for predicted failure: Planning for the introduction of the […]

More Thoughts on the Canadian Surface Combatant 3

The two previous posts provide an interesting introduction to the Canadian Surface Combatant capability issue. Where Hansen suggests the survivability of medium-sized warships against modern weapon systems is questionable, the post showing the analysis of modern frigates shows that 10 out of 10 of the world’s dominant navies have all […]

Providing the Royal Canadian Navy with an Auxiliary Oiler, Replenishment

On 30 November 2015, the federal department Public Services and Procurement issued a statement ( that the government of Canada had “determined that proceeding with Project Resolve is the most viable course of action to provide the Navy’s at-sea oil replenishment capability…”  Project Resolve is the conversion by Chantier Davie […]

A response to: Fleet Cost Problems? For a start, stop calling cruisers either destroyers or frigates

“Fleet Cost Problems?  For a Start, Stop Calling Cruisers Either Destroyers or Frigates.”  8 December 2015 In his post “Fleet Cost Problems?”  Ken Hansen suggests we stop calling our future ships destroyers or frigates as they are really ‘cruisers’ in his view.  On the way there he claimed the official […]

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