DND responds to PBO Report

25 February 2021

Shortly after the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) released its report on the Canadian Surface Combatant, the Department of National Defence released its response. This quick response was no surprise since the PBO report was much anticipated. Among other things, DND says that “the key differences in our cost estimates can be primarily attributed to the PBO including provincial sales tax and the additional emphasis PBO puts on weight-related costing.” It also says that the Type 26 was selected following extensive research, and selected through a fair and transparent process, and DND stands by its estimates of $56 billion to $60 billion (before taxes). For the full response, see “Statement by the Department of National Defence on the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s Report on the Canadian Surface Combatant,” at https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/news/2021/02/statement-by-the-department-of-national-defence-on-the-parliamentary-budget-officers-report-on-the-canadian-surface-combatant.html


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