Preliminary details on land-based CSC testing facility

By David Dunlop, 26 October 2021

The latest issue of the Maritime Engineering Journal (MEJ) contains a featured article on the new Land Based Test Capability (LBTC) facility at Hartlen Point for the Canadian Surface Combatant Project. An interesting read for the Forum. See the Fall Issue #98 for "A Land Based Test Capability for the Canadian Surface Combatant Project" by Stephen Harrison, Flavio Stasi and LCdr Yohan Desjardins. The article gives an in-depth look at the complexity and requirements for the LBTC. It also takes a look at what the facility may look like at Hartlen Point along with its capabilities, payload and testing environment. 

This article is on pp. 11-13 of the issue and can be downloaded at:


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