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Naval Association of Canada Responds to PBO Report on CSCs

Naval Association of Canada, 5 March 2021

The Naval Association of Canada has written a response to the Parliamentary Budget Office’s recent report on the CSC project. Its aim in responding is to highlight both the broader strategic value and economic advantages of domestic shipbuilding and the challenges of comparing different warship designs. While noting the exemplary work the PBO has done, the NAC intent is to offer a holistic understanding of Canada’s approach to shipbuilding and the CSC project. Now that the PBO has released cost estimates and comparisons between the CSC and other warship designs, NAC is commenting on certain assumptions and conclusions within that report to emphasise the layers of complexity and uncertainty in shipbuilding and to provide context to assist readers in their evaluation of the report. See the NAC response at NAC-Response-to-the-PBO-Report-Mar-3.pdf (


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