CNN: Huge Russia Military Build-up in the Arctic

David Dunlop, 7 April 2021

CNN has recently reported on Russia’s massive build-up of its military in the Arctic region. The Cold War bases are being retrofitted and new bases being rapidly being built in support of the Air Force and Naval fleets. Russia is also expanding its network of air and coastal defence missile systems, to strengthen its anti-access and area-denial capabilities over key portions of the Arctic. A recent addition to the Russian naval arsenal is the new Poseidon 2M39 Nuclear Torpedo (also known as the “Doomsday Torpedo") of which Russia hopes to conclude testing phase this year with full production beginning in 2022. This weapon has greatly concerned the West allies, and the US in particular. Russia's new Naval Tsirkon hypersonic surface-to-surface missile is also in the testing phase using the new Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate as a testing bed, with introduction to the fleets by next year. All of this brings concern and hope that Canada’s CSC Frigate program with its new SPY 7 V1 LRDR technology, strike-length missiles can counter this growing threat. An interesting read: Russia is amassing unprecedented military might in the Arctic - CNN


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