CSC: Capabilities to date

David Dunlop, 25 May 2021

Hi folks. Now that some of the confirmed capabilities and systems have been disclosed thus far on the CSC Type 26 Frigates, it may be time to offer an update. Here’s what we know so far:

1. 1 X Lockheed Martin (LM) Solid State 3D Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) "S" Band Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR)-SPY 7 (V) 1 Phased Array Air/Surface Search Radar-Confirmed by LM.

2. 1 X Solid State AESA "X" Band Illumination Radar supported by MacDonald Dettwiler Associates (MDA) in Richmond British Columbia-(below the SPY 7 radar mast), with integration into the CMS 330 system-this may be an MDA built radar or an existing radar from Thales (possibly the Sea Fire 500 AESA Phased Array Radar).

3. "X" & "S" Bands Navigation Radars.

4. MacDonald Dettwiler Associates (MDA)-Electronic Warfare Suite System & Chaff launchers

5. MacDonald Dettwiler Associates (MDA)-Laser Warfare Defence System.

6. LM 32 x MK 41 strike length VLS-ESSM2, SM II/IIIC-SM3/6 (fitted for, but not with); Raytheon Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles (TLAM).

7. Combat Information Management Systems-Links 11/16/22/GCCS-M/Mode 5S Identification Friend or Foe (IFF).

8. Light Weight (LW) MK 54 Torpedo system with twin launcher tubes.

9. Sea Spider anti-torpedo system (Magellan/TKMS).

10. 6 x 4 ExLS VLS-Aft of the funnel (Sea Ceptor, quad-packed) Close In Air Defence System (CIADS).

11. 2 x 4 Quad packs Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile (NSM)-Port/Stbd Above Mission Bay.

12. Main Gun: 1 x 5 inch Leonardo Oto Melara 127mm Light Weight (LW) Land Attack and Anti-Air Vulcano gun. This gun will give CSC ships the ability to fire extended-range, precision-guided Vulcano munitions – both in guided long-range and the ballistic extended-range versions along with conventional Anti-Air (AA) ammunition.

13. Secondary Guns: 2 x 30mm DMS 30 (Bushmaster 30mm) Stabilized Rapid Fire Naval Gun Systems from BAE -(Port/Stbd of Flight Deck).

14. Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) Sensor Netting-Integrated Cyber Defence System; Integrated Bridge & Navigation System from OSI

15. Internal/External Communications Suite-HF/UHF/SHF/VHF/SATCOM from L3 Harris.

16. Electro Optical & Infrared Systems; Radio/Radar Electronic Support Measures (ESM) to include: Frequency Identification; Laser Warning & Countermeasures System; Radar/Radio Frequency Electronic Jammers; Electronic Decoy Systems.

17 CMS: LM CMS 330/Aegis Combat System (ACS) in support of Co-operative Engagement Capability (CEC).

18. Ultra Electronics Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS)-Ultra S2150.

19. Ultra Electronics Active/Passive Towed Array Sonar; Towed Torpedo Countermeasures-Sea Sentor S21700.

20. Sonobouy Processing System from General Dynamics with expendable Acoustic Countermeasures.

21. Combined Diesel Electric Gas Turbine (CODLOG) Propulsion System to include 1 X Rolls Royce RR/MT 30 Gas Turbine; 2 X Electronic Motors from General Electric; 4 X Rolls Royce RR MTU Diesel Generators; Integrated Platform Management System from L3 Harris.

22. CH 148 Cyclone Sikorsky (S-92) ASW Helicopter; SKELDAR V200 UAV systems from Saab-known as CU-176 "Gargoyle".

23. Speed-approximately 27-30 kts. Statement Of Requirement (SOR) required this capability for US Carrier Battle Group (CBG) Ops.

24. Crew Complement-204 max crew (fitted with separate female quarters)


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