NAC Briefing Note #39: Behind the Scenes & Behind the Lines

Dr. Ann Griffiths, 27 May 2021

In the movies we see the sharp end of fighting (the teeth), but not the many people who operate behind the scenes (the tail) to make it happen. Behind those who are fighting is another force providing support services such as ammunition, transportation, food, water, spares, fuel, clothing and medical services. Keeping track of what a military needs, and getting what is needed to where it is needed, when it is needed – even for a relatively small military like Canada has – is a huge job. There are both micro- and macro-levels to logistical support. On the micro-level there are, for example, logistics and support on board a Canadian warship. On the macro-level, you would keep track of resources for the entire Canadian Armed Forces, a complicated task. How does logistics and support work for the Canadian navy? Excellent question. Lucky for us the Naval Association of Canada has provided a Briefing Note on this very topic. See BN39-logistics.pdf (


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