Getting Ready for the Arrival of More AOPS?

Dr. Ann Griffiths, 8 June 2021

According to the procurement section on DND’s website (Arctic and offshore patrol ships -, the schedule for the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) is as follows:

  • Cut steel for ship 5: 2021
  • Ship 2 delivery: 2021
  • Cut steel for ship 6: 2022
  • Ship 3 delivery: 2022
  • Ship 4 delivery: 2023
  • Ship 5 delivery: 2024
  • Ship 6 delivery: 2024
  • Full operational capability: 2025

That means that starting this year, the RCN will receive a new AOPS every year. That’s great, but what is the navy going to do with them? One, perhaps two, will head North for the annual operation there, and one, perhaps two or three, will participate in Op Caribbe every year. What else will they be doing?

After the six RCN AOPS are built, there will be two more built for the Coast Guard, which presumably will take a bit longer as some adjustments to the design are made. Once the Coast Guard ships are complete, then there will be eight big, lightly armed ships doing something off the coasts.

And then on to the Canadian Surface Combatant. (We hope.)


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