RCN Task Groups

Naval Association of Canada, 22 March 2021

There is a need for the RCN to be able to operate both with allies and alone as required. This is where the concept of a Canadian task group comes in. Canadian strategic documents – over many years – have called for a navy that can be self-sustained and able to act autonomously. Task groups are an element of this. A Canadian task group would be made up of a number of elements: warships (a mix of frigates, submarines, possibly coastal defence vessels); maritime air assets (helicopter and/or fixed-wing aircraft); command and control; and support. What exactly is a naval task group? Why would the RCN and the Canadian government insist on the necessity of generating task groups? What assets would be included in an RCN task group? You can easily find the answers to these questions. The Naval Association of Canada has published a new Briefing Note on the topic. Check it out at BN37-Task-Groups.pdf (navalassoc.ca)


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