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CSC design option

CSC Roundup

The Canada Surface Combatant (CSC) has been garnering attention of late. For an interesting slant on the implications of CSC schedule delays for Canada’s current fleet of Halifax-class frigates, see […]


Infrastructure and the Defence Review

As the 2016 Defence Review gets underway there have been many questions as to how the new Liberal government would approach creating their promised  “leaner, more agile” military.  Thankfully, suggestions […]

Sub build

The Submarine Tsunami

Defense -aerospace has cited a study by the respected Forecast International group to argue that current building rates indicate that submarines will continue to exist in sizeable numbers (393) for […]

CSC option Hunter class

More Thoughts on the Canadian Surface Combatant

The two previous posts provide an interesting introduction to the Canadian Surface Combatant capability issue. Where Hansen suggests the survivability of medium-sized warships against modern weapon systems is questionable, the […]

CSC option - Italy

Comparing Frigates

Readers may be interested in this analysis, particularly because variants of at least three of the top 10 modern frigates examined, France’s Aquitaine-class, Denmark’s Iver Huitfeldt-class, and Germany’s Saschen-class, are […]