Canadian Shipbuilding

5206-Victoria-class-submarines-Canada’s-Maritime-Predators| FrontLine Defence 1

Let us hope that those involved in or trying to influence the now silent defence review to take the time to read this and other recent articles on the value of modern submarines in national and international security.

The Royal Canadian Navy: Facing Rough Seas | CGAI Policy Paper 2

Professor Rob Huebert’s new essay on the state and likely future of the RCN’s fleet is well worth reading. It is sure to generate some criticism. As we have said before and will continue to reiterate: a healthy public debate should be the foundation of a meaningful defence review.

More Thoughts on the Canadian Surface Combatant (II) 5

The discussion in this BLOG on the NSPS has tended towards several themes. First, a belief that the Canadian Navy is proposing a fleet that is based on Cold War requirements which are no longer valid and too expensive. Second that we need to have a Fleet that includes the […]