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Canadian Arctic Surveillance: Is the MQ-4C Triton HALE UAV the Answer?

David Dunlop, 20 February 2020. In light of the impact that global warming is having on Canada’s northern borders and the increased Arctic activity by countries other than Canada, it is becoming more urgent than ever that Canada take measures to display and maintain surveillance and sovereignty in the high […]


Drones and the RCN

Major (retired) F. Roy Thomas, MSC, CD, MA (RMC). 13 February 2020. Without anti-drone assets should the RCN become a coastal navy operating under the umbrella of cheaper shore-based anti-drone assets? Or should Canada’s navy procurement include provision of at least one anti-drone warship for each coast, including the Arctic? […]

Marine Security

Ode to Canada’s Maritime Security Operation Centres

Dr. Andrea Charron, 10 February 2020. In 2004, the government, through its National Security Policy, established three Maritime Security Operation Centres (MSOCs); two under the administrative coordination of National Defence and co-located respectively on the West Coast with Regional Joint Operation Centre Pacific (RJOC (P)) and on the East Coast […]


Briefing Notes about Naval Issues

20 January 2020. Quite often, military people end up talking to other military people. They speak the same language and know the same acronyms. It’s just easier to talk to someone who knows the lingo and the issues. That’s great for day-to-day interactions and for operational reasons. But it’s not […]


Getting Procurement Right

There has been much talk over the years about problems in the process of procuring military assets. Procuring ships for the navy, in particular, receives attention because of the size of the project budgets, and the rarity of ships getting built. If the government procures ships every 20 years, whatever […]


Thinking about Procurement Options

The Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) has published another great paper by Ian Mack. It’s called “Another Way to Buy Frigates.” As the title suggests, there are ways other than the system Canada currently uses to organize the procurement of naval capabilities. Mack asks what Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy can […]

Type 26 Radar Japan

Lockheed Martin to supply new SSR to Canada and Japan

It would appear by the following press release from Lockheed Martin on 14 Nov 2019 that Canada has indeed selected the Lockheed Martin Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) as its main Air Warning radar for the CSC frigate. This, it seems, was a closely guarded secret by LM and its […]


Third Shipyard for NSS?

October 2019. The federal government has made some changes to the National Shipbuilding Strategy. The latest was in May 2019 when the government announced that it would competitively select a third NSS shipyard, and later announced that this third shipyard could expect to build six icebreakers for the Canadian Coast […]