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South China Sea Dispute

Another useful article on the South China Sea dispute. The SCS continues to be a potential hot spot as long as China presses its claims. The issue, as noted before, is if Canada has vested interests in the dispute particularly if the TPP is ratified. The Diplomat:


North Korea submarine fires ballistic missile near coastal town

North Korea continues to puzzle and amaze us westerners. As the article suggests, a rogue state with both a nuclear weapons and an SSB capability is valid reason for concern. The key question now is, ‘Why?’ At the moment we can only guess, but two credible possibilities exist, first, deterrence […]

Indian Navy’s first nuclear-powered submarine undergoing additional sea acceptance tests

Re-posted from Naval Today The submarine was launched in 2009 and declared operational in February 2016. “INS Arihant is undergoing sea acceptance trials as it had already passed several deep sea diving drills. It will be commissioned after completing all the sea trials”, the Flag Officer-Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command, Vice-Admiral […]

China reveals plans to ship cargo across Canada’s Northwest Passage 1

As Yogi used to say, ‘Deja vu all over again!’ As in the late 1980s, the strategic importance of the Arctic rises to near the top of our national concerns. By far the greatest part of that concern should be for accident prevention in those waters closely followed by rescue […]

Military procurement can help break Canada’s innovation logjam

Much of this has been said before over several decades but nobody seems to be listening. And yet another reference to the sound logic of the Australian model; maybe our new Defence Review Committee should visit that country or at least invest in some solid research on how they run […]

Special Issue of Canadian Naval Review

In early April 2016, the government of Canada announced that it would conduct a Defence Policy Review to examine the issues and elements of defence policy in a world that has changed greatly since the last review in the 1990s. In February of this year, in anticipation of this announcement, […]