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Close encounters with Iran show need for rules of behavior: U.S. Navy

In recent months there have been several close encounters between the US Navy and Iranian Navy vessels in the Gulf. These tense encounters point to the need for Iran and the United States to agree to rules of behaviour to avoid miscalculations and escalations. An agreement could be similar to the Incidents at Sea Agreement signed […]

New Capabilities Must Be Thoughtfully Developed

It has just recently come to my attention that Ken Hansen recycled here in 2011 much of his 2007 criticism in the Canadian Military Journal (CMJ) (see Link 1 below) of my 2006 CMJ article on building a Canadian amphibious capability (see Link 2 below).  In his critique, Hansen did […]

Mexeflote for Interim AOR

12 Sept. 2016. Over the summer, Chantier Davie Shipyard invited suppliers to present disaster-relief equipment available for the ship. Refueling and resupply of warships at sea are the main roles of the interim AOR, however, the June 28 meeting was to expand the ship’s humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities. The Point-class ships […]