Saab and Damen Export C-71 Submarines to Canada 

By Blair Shaw, 10 March 2024

This may interest readers. It's a statement from Damen Marine themselves. Other news sources are linked below. The statement says: 

Saab and Damen Shipyards Group have agreed to export the advanced Expeditionary C-71 submarines. CEO of Damen Shipyards Arnout Damen and CEO of Saab Micael Johansson made the decision this week to export together the submarine, with Canada as a potential customer. 

The North American country is currently in the initial phase of a similar process to replace their diesel-electric submarines. 

The C-71 Submarine has been developed for the Royal Netherlands Navy to replace the current Walrus class. This agreement between Saab and Damen doubles the long-term prospect of employment and income for the Netherlands Naval Cluster.

Additionally, it protects the vital strategic autonomy of the Dutch Naval; the single remaining self-sufficient defence industry cluster in the Netherlands DTIB.

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