Information Denied

Moderator, 1 March 2024

In an article in Ottawa Citizen (“DND ignores requests to release information, undercutting federal law, MPs are told”), David Pugliese discusses Information Commissioner Caroline Maynard’s report to the House of Commons Committee on National Defence earlier this week. According to her, the Department of National Defence is ignoring requests to release government records as required by law. The House Committee is conducting hearings into openness and transparency within DND and the CAF – or the lack thereof. The Commissioner says that DND violates the law in almost 40% of the requests it receives to produce records under the Access to Information Act, withholding records relating to shipbuilding and sexual harassment, among other matters. Maynard says DND, in some cases, “simply ignore[es] requests made under the Access to Information law.” Pugliese notes that DND often claims that records don’t exist, and that’s why it's not releasing them. As Pugliese says, “At times such responses strain credibility. For instance, National Defence claimed not a single document or any information whatsoever was sent to Anita Anand, then the defence minister, throughout the four-month period covering the selection and announcement of the F-35 fighter jet in a $19-billion procurement deal.” If that’s true, there could be an even bigger problem – has DND gone rogue? There’s no question that DND isn’t great at providing information, you need only look at the website to see that in some places, information hasn’t been updated in months, even years! See the Pugliese article at

DND ignores info requests, undercutting federal law, MPs are told | Ottawa Citizen


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