Where’s the Beef?

By David Dunlop, 14 January 2024

Below is an article from 9 January 2024 in Vanguard Magazine that again underpins the secretive policies of the present government. In the article entitled "Canada's Defence Policy: The Update to Strong, Secure, Engaged is Long Overdue," Jake Jacobson pinpoints the urgent need to release this updated policy ASAP. All Canadians need to know exactly what Canada's future policies are with regard to the Canadian Armed Forces for the foreseeable future. He illustrates that the government is hesitating on a policy that is long overdue and that there is now "a vacuum of direction and intent that daily increases doubt in the minds of Canadians and allies." If this document is not released soon, it will be obsolete before it is released. The article is an interesting read for all Forum members. Another document that's 'missing-in action' is the Lockheed Martin CSC Frigate Preliminary Design Review (PDR) document. This important document also has a direct impact on Canada's Defence Policy. My question is: "Where's The Beef?"



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