New CAF Digital Services Group

By Moderator, 6 May 2024

On 1 May, DND/CAF announced that it was integrating two digital service organizations – the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) and the Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) – into the Digital Services Group (DSG). DSG is now “accountable for delivering the combined mandates through a unified team.” The DSG mandate is “focusing on data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), enterprise resource planning modernization, cyber security and operations, Information Management (IM), and digital products and services.” The amalgamation is designed “to capitalize on synergies, streamline processes, and accelerate the Defence Team’s modernization efforts,” and prepare for future challenges. According to the announcement, “[t]his includes the future stand up of a Canadian Armed Forces Cyber Command, and the digital transformation priorities that have recently been communicated in the renewed Defence Policy – Our North, Strong and Free.” See “DM/CDS Announcement of the Digital Services Group,”


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