CSC Mission and Boat Bay

By Mikaël Perron, 4 August 2023

For those who keeps an eye on the development related to the CSC file, here is a link to an article on the UK Navy Lookout web site that discuss the latest info available about the Mission & boat Bay of the Type 26 frigate.

The article provides some detail on how the RN plans to exploit the Flexible Mission Space (FMS) of its future Type 26 frigate class. It seem like they consider many ways to use that space. One can wonder how far the thinking is advanced in Canada considering the usage of that space. Of course, one of the system they are looking at is of little interest to the RCN; they are looking at a modular torpedo launch system to be available. The Type 26 frigate is already design to be fitted with a permanent torpedo launch system on either side of the hangar and, contrary to the UK, Canada is planning on having the permanent torpedo tubes fitted. The article also covers the complexity of developing such a flexible space on a ship.

The article also makes me think about the CSC Destroyer idea suggested by David Dunlop. I believe that the only way to physically make it real would be to use that space. We don’t know how much the possibilities offered by this space will be exploit by the RCN. In order to augment the fire power of a selected number of CSC, the configuration of that area of the ship could be modified without adversely affect the ship weight and balance. According to the article, the space can receive a load of 150 tons. So, on some ships, the overhead crane could be removed and replaced by a standard boat davit for the future Multi-Role Boat (MRB) on either side of the ship. They could then install two eight cell tactical length MK-41 VLS along the center line of the ship. You would then have an extra 16 cell vls ready to receive any combination of Sea-ceptor, ESSM Block II, SM-2 Block IIIC, Tomahawk or else. Each empty 8 cell tactical length unit weight about 15,000 kg for a total of about 30 tons for 16 cell. I would say about 90 tons with the cells fully filled with war ordonnances. That would probably the only way to reasonably be able to increase the fire power of the CSC if need be!

Also, on the Navy Lookout web site, on the top menu, you can select Key topic/Type 26 and there are many interesting articles covering the ship including a well detailed description of the propulsion system that will be common to all Type 26 variant.


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