Government of Canada Invests in Canadian Surface Combatant Infrastructure

By David Dunlop, 10 August 2023

Finally, some good news for the CSC Frigate program! The Government of Canada announced that it is investing in the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) project’s infrastructure to enhance and accelerate CSC construction. This is certainly great news for the NSS, RCN and Irving Shipbuilding! Hopefully it will spur Irving to start construction on the yard upgrades sooner rather than later with land reclamation, the shipbuilding height increases, new Syncrolift for the CSC build and hopefully fight back on some of these delays! In an RCN world where there has been little to cheer about lately, this is good news! Done Deal! This is great news as these enhancements are integral to the CSC project and ultimately will decrease build time with some modules being built offsite and transported to ISI for final assembly. It seems these enhancements were from lessons learned from the construction of the type 26.  See the government announcement at


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