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China Navy 01

China Builds a Powerful New Navy

By David Dunlop, 22 January 2022 Here is an interesting article recently published by Asian News Institute (ANI) commenting on the speed of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) build-up […]


Further CSC graphics

By David Dunlop, 18 January 2022 The Lockheed Martin Canada web page is showing a top-view of the CSC design (seen above). Recent computer graphics of the CSC frigate on the […]


Testing Facility for the CSCs

By David Dunlop, 15 January 2022 On 14 January, the Department of National Defence announced that Canada has just awarded the contract to begin work on the land-based testing facility […]


Mistral-class Assault, Helicopter Carriers

By Roderick Steckhahn, 14 January 2022 A Mistral-class ship would assert the RCN’s capability to perform amphibious assaults, withdrawals, demonstrations and raids. This would allow it to further integrate into […]


Preview: CNR Vol. 17, No. 3

By Dr. Ann Griffiths, 11 January 2022 Here we are in 2022, and now suffering through the fifth wave of the never-ending pandemic. But we take heart that the end […]


The Aging Halifax-class Frigates

By David Dunlop, 3 January 2022 Here is an article reported by the Canadian Press (CP). In an interview with CP on 29 December 2021, the Commander of the RCN, […]