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China Builds a Powerful New Navy

By David Dunlop, 22 January 2022

Here is an interesting article recently published by Asian News Institute (ANI) commenting on the speed of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) build-up of its naval power and the number of new naval ships it has commissioned just in 2021 alone. PLAN has commissioned some 170,000 tonnes worth last year alone including: one Type 094A SSBN submarine; two type 075 landing helicopter docks (LHDs) with another ready for trials this year; three type 055 cruisers; seven type 052D destroyers; six type 056A corvettes; six type 082II mine countermeasure vessels; one cable-laying ship; and three type 927 surveillance (spy) ships. China is also building its third type 003 aircraft carrier with its first electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS) and building a dry dock big enough to fit this new carrier as well. The record production and commissioning of these naval vessels is jaw-dropping. China's recent naval growth is no doubt geared towards Taiwan and its out-lying islands, but also to the west and in particular to counter the perceived threats from recent western allies' incursions. This should give Canada pause to consider and perhaps alter its naval policy towards China.


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