The Aging Halifax-class Frigates

By David Dunlop, 3 January 2022

Here is an article reported by the Canadian Press (CP). In an interview with CP on 29 December 2021, the Commander of the RCN, Vice-Admiral Craig Baines, described the Halifax-class frigates as "starting to show their age with replacements years away". According to Vice-Admiral Baines, there have been at least 10 fires on board the frigates, along with power outages, since 2018 -- and this does not include the recent fire on HMCS Fredericton. Vice-Admiral Baines also stated that the first Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) frigate is not scheduled to be delivered for at least 10+ years and that an investment for the Halifax-class will need to be made soon to keep them in the "right state of readiness". He could not provide an estimate on how much money would be needed to keep the class running but it may be in the billions of dollars over the next 10+ years.


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