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Bids for the Canadian Surface Combatant: Back to the drawing board?

20 April 2018. Trouble in paradise? The early assessments of the bids for the Canadian Surface Combatant project indicate that there are problems. The bids all failed to meet some of the government’s requirements, not necessarily major elements but nonetheless none exactly meet the requirements. Does this mean that the bidders are allowed to revise their proposals – the ‘cure process’ – or does the government revise its requirements? And how long will this take? See David Pugliese’s article in the National Post, "New Canadian warship project off to rocky start as bidders fail to meet some requirements." (available at It’s interesting to see the same process unfolding in other countries as the UK goes through a process to build new ships, the United States begins the bidding process for the USN Next-Generation Frigate (FFG(X)). (See for details.) And Australians argue about the costs of building new offshore patrol ships. The phrase ‘misery loves company’ comes to mind.


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