CSC Type 26 BAE

Canada’s Next Generation of Warships

The largest part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy is the construction of the Canadian Surface Combatants (CSCs). The proposed 15 CSCs are to replace the retired Iroquois-class destroyers and the current fleet of Halifax-class frigates.

IRO 283
Currently decommissioned Iroquois-class destroyer

In January 2015 the government announced that Irving Shipbuilding had been named the prime contractor for the program, and later it was decided that the design would be based on the British Type 26 vessel by BAE Systems. Discussions continue on the details, and once the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships are built, let’s hope we start to see the work on the ships.

For general information about the CSCs, check out the Naval Association of Canada Briefing Note on the topic:


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